Hey Ho!
Christmas is coming!!!

Yes, yes....faster then you expect!
Soon your kids will count down the days in Advant calendar and write letters to Santa! Isn't it sweet and lovely moments of childhood?
Dont miss great opportunity to save that magical moments for your family story! 

We can creat so many scenarios of your family story together! 

Watch all Xmas stories in photos
Watch all Xmas stories in video 

Just imagine...

...how you are going all together to choose the christmas tree, how you decorate it  and pack presents to each other 

watch the whole story 

...or how you bake traditional christmas cookies

watch the whole story

...how you sit all together near fireplace, sipping hot cacao from your favourite cup 

watch the whole story

...play your favourite games under christmas tree

watch the whole story 

and then have a walk through Weihnachtsmarkt and have much fun there!

watch the whole story 

Let your kids remember that christmas atmosphere you create for them at home and be involved in family christmas traditions!

Or maybe, you are adventurous souls and seeking for new experiences outdoors...?

Like to explore new cities...visit the most beautiful Xmas markets in Europe

 enjoy active holidays and climb mountains! 

And even when there is no snow at all in your city, as your kids were dreaming to go sleeding, play snowballs and do snowman, you drive up a hill, to make dreams of your kids come true

watch the whole story 

The Christmas season is about being with family, showing your love and appreciation, having some laughs and creating new memories. SO dont forget to travel to visit your grandparents

watch the whole story

Isn't it a lovely and true story to be captured?

So many variations of family Christmas i photoed already and my pleasure to save your unique story for family album!
That kind of photos can be done only in your home atmosphere, special atmosphere you created with your own inspiration, hands and hearts! Typical portrait photos, made in any photostudio with avarage christmas decoration many families gonna have on their photos as well, will not bring back that special and so important memories of their childhood!
Also you dont need to take your kids to unknown places for them, all can be done at home, place they get used to, where they feel calm and relaxed and can enjoy the time all together!

I am family storyteller photographer and work worldwide, but Europe with its special Christmas atmosphere all around and magical spirit in the air, takes big place in my heart and inspires me so much to capture this special time of year, one in which we celebrate and connect with those closest to us.

So here I go again!)
I am available for Christmas photosessions from 3 DEC
So we have almost 3 weeks before Christmas night to capture your Christmas preparations and special magical mood!
And for those who wanna prolong that magical atmosphere at home, and are not in hurry to hide all decor back in the attic, we also have an opportunity to make photosession in any date till 30.01.18!
Active families, who wanna travel to the mountains for enjoying fun with snow, are also welcome!
Any your idea fro family photosession is possible!

Santa exists - and its ME!

Christmas is definitely a magical time. It tends to bring back happy memories of family gatherings and charming traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

My goal is to provide your family with beautiful, timeless photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

How Long?

You will get as much time as your family needs during the day. You can choose any appropriate time to start. During a photosession, we can do small breaks if needed (for feeding the baby, changing clothes etc)

We can do photosession just at home, if you dont feel like to go out, or we can do both, inside and outside. Its always  choice of your family

How much photos do we get?

There is no set number of images but you will get all the fabulous ones from the day.

What else is included?

Every family will get their family story of the day in slideshow, which you can present to all your intire family.

And SPECIAL OFFER for those families, who will book photosession from 3-20 DEC! 

If you have the same vision of family photo album and you are ready to book the date for your private photosession, don't hesitate to write me